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Campus Confidential: How College Works, or Doesn’t, for Professors, Parents…

A tenured prof. breaks ranks to reveal what’s wrong with American higher education and how it affects you.

Professors can be underpaid. Marginalized. Over-reviewed. But one fact remains: The success of your education depends on them. Part industry expose and part call for a return to engaged teaching, Campus Confidential shows how the noble project of higher education fell so far and how we can redeem it.

A must-read for parents thinking about their kids’ futures: This book answers the…

Irrational Exuberance

Pub Date : 2015-01-25 | Author : Robert J. Shiller | Publisher : Princeton University Press

ISBN 10 : 9781400865536
ISBN 13 : 1400865530

In this revised, updated, and expanded edition of his New York Times bestseller, Nobel Prize–winning economist Robert Shiller, who warned of both the tech and housing bubbles, ca..

Social Work Practice

Pub Date : 2010 | Author : Louise C. Johnson | Publisher : Prentice Hall

ISBN 10 : 020575516X
ISBN 13 : 9780205755165

This generalist social work practice text uses a strong theoretical framework for social work practice with diverse populations in both urban and rural settings. The authors blend ..

Discipline Equals Freedom

Pub Date : 2017-10-17 | Author : Jocko Willink | Publisher : St. Martin's Press

ISBN 10 : 9781250156952
ISBN 13 : 1250156955

The instant New York Times bestseller! FIND YOUR WILL, FIND YOUR DISCIPLINE--AND YOU WILL FIND YOUR FREEDOM Jocko Willink's methods for success were born in the SEAL Teams, where h..

Rigging The Game

Pub Date : 2014-12-31 | Author : Michael Schwalbe | Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN 10 : 0190216409
ISBN 13 : 9780190216405

In Rigging the Game Michael Schwalbe offers a clear and compelling introduction to how the rules that shape economic life and everyday interaction generate and perpetuate inequalit..

Lieutenant Nun

Pub Date : 2011-02-07 | Author : Catalina De Erauso | Publisher : Beacon Press

ISBN 10 : 9780807095669
ISBN 13 : 0807095664

One of the earliest known autobiographies by a woman, this is the extraordinary tale of Catalina de Erauso, who in 1599 escaped from a Basque convent dressed as a man and went on t..

The Diviners

Pub Date : 1983 | Author : Jim Leonard | Publisher : Samuel French, Inc.

ISBN 10 : 0573608377
ISBN 13 : 9780573608377

Drama / 6m, 5f / Unit set w. platforms Winner of the American College Theatre Festival, this marvelously theatrical play is the story of a disturbed young man and his friendship wi..

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