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Democracy’s Infrastructure: Techno-Politics and Protest after Apartheid (Pr…

In the past decade, South Africa’s “miracle transition” has been interrupted by waves of protests in relation to basic services such as water and electricity. Less visibly, the post-apartheid period has witnessed widespread illicit acts involving infrastructure, including the nonpayment of service charges, the bypassing of metering devices, and illegal connections to services. Democracy’s Infrastructure shows how such administrative links to the state became a central political terrain…

The Medal Yearbook 2013

Pub Date : 2012-09-01 | Author : John W. Mussell | Publisher : Token Publishing Limited

ISBN 10 : 1908828005
ISBN 13 : 9781908828002

Including details of the latest awards and decorations, this edition provides expert advice on the history and background of a number of significant military medals, and gives the ..

Be The Hero

Pub Date : 2009-08-07 | Author : Noah Blumenthal | Publisher : Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN 10 : 9781576753422
ISBN 13 : 1576753425

"At times we all feel frustrated, stressed, or out of control. What if you could be at your best when your challenges are on the rise? Well, you can. Be the Hero introduces us to t..

Thomas Jefferson S Qur An

Pub Date : 2013-10-01 | Author : Denise A. Spellberg | Publisher : Vintage

ISBN 10 : 9780385350532
ISBN 13 : 0385350538

In this original and illuminating book, Denise A. Spellberg reveals a little-known but crucial dimension of the story of American religious freedom—a drama in which Islam played ..

The Amish

Pub Date : 2016-03-31 | Author : Steven M. Nolt | Publisher : JHU Press

ISBN 10 : 9781421419572
ISBN 13 : 1421419572

There seems to be no end to our fascination with the Amish, a religious minority that has both placed itself outside the mainstream of American culture and flourished within it. Ye..

Birth Crisis

Pub Date : 2006-08-28 | Author : Sheila Kitzinger | Publisher : Routledge

ISBN 10 : 9780203968727
ISBN 13 : 0203968727

One new mother in twenty is diagnosed with traumatic stress after childbirth. In Birth Crisis Sheila Kitzinger explores the disempowerment and anxiety experienced by these women. K..

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