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Textual Analysis: A Beginner’s Guide

`Alan McKee presents a student friendly introduction to the analysis of cultural texts. The book highlights the cultural differences in interpretation with an array of fascinating examples. Textual Analysis is written in an accessible style with several useful case studies. Each chapter also includes exercises for classroom’ – Jane Stokes, London Metropolitan University

`McKee is a gifted practitioner of the skills he would teach in this book, as well as a lively and engaging writer and one…

Textual Analysis

Pub Date : 2003-04-03 | Author : Alan McKee | Publisher : SAGE

ISBN 10 : 0761949933
ISBN 13 : 9780761949930

Textual analysis is a methodology - a way of gathering data - for researchers who are interested in the ways in which people make sense of the world...

He Texted

Pub Date : 2014-04-15 | Author : Lisa Winning | Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN 10 : 9781476739229
ISBN 13 : 1476739226

The creators of the popular blog offer practical dating advice relevant for today's iPhone generation that clears up any mysteries about texting, friending, following,..

Learning Processing

Pub Date : 2015-09-09 | Author : Daniel Shiffman | Publisher : Newnes

ISBN 10 : 9780123947925
ISBN 13 : 0123947928

Learning Processing, Second Edition, is a friendly start-up guide to Processing, a free, open-source alternative to expensive software and daunting programming languages. Requiring..

The Heritage Guide To The Constitution

Pub Date : 2014-09-15 | Author : David F. Forte | Publisher : Regnery Publishing

ISBN 10 : 9781621572688
ISBN 13 : 1621572684

A landmark work of more than one hundred scholars, The Heritage Guide to the Constitution is a unique line-by-line analysis explaining every clause of America's founding charter an..

Dirk Gently S Holistic Detective Agency

Pub Date : 2013-02-26 | Author : Douglas Adams | Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN 10 : 9781439140611
ISBN 13 : 1439140618

From Douglas Adams, the legendary author of one of the most beloved science fiction novels of all time, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, comes a wildly inventive novel—in ..

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