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The Mazzel Ritual: Culture, Customs and Crime in the Diamond Trade

Mazzel Ritual In this original book cultural anthropologist Dina Siegel follows the route of a diamond from the mines of Africa to the shops of Europe and the United States. The book is about the diamond business itself as well as about the people involved in it.

The Mazzel Ritual

Pub Date : 2009-08-12 | Author : Dina Siegel | Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN 10 : 0387959602
ISBN 13 : 9780387959603

The academic study of diamonds is as multi-faceted as the precious stones themselves. Mineralogists and geographers have written about them, as have historians and economists and s..

The Global Diamond Industry

Pub Date : 2015-09-27 | Author : Roman Grynberg | Publisher : Springer

ISBN 10 : 9781137537614
ISBN 13 : 1137537612

The Global Diamond Industry: Economics and Development brings together a collection of papers covering various aspects of the diamond industry including economics, law, history, so..

The Jewish Phenomenon

Pub Date : 2000-05-25 | Author : Steve Silbiger | Publisher : Taylor Trade Publications

ISBN 10 : 9781563525667
ISBN 13 : 1563525666

With truly startling statistics and a wealth of anecdotes, Silbiger reveals the cultural principles that form the bedrock of Jewish success in America...

Diasporas And Exiles

Pub Date : 2002-10-07 | Author : Howard Wettstein | Publisher : Univ of California Press

ISBN 10 : 0520228642
ISBN 13 : 9780520228641

"Rarely have I encountered a collection of essays that coheres so well around an overarching theme. This will be an important resource."—Hillel J. Kieval, author of Languages of ..

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